Nathan Burge

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Passionate about User-centered Design Thinking, the creative process, and inspiring teamwork. Knows how to code. Leads distributed teams and remote workshops.

Currently Senior Design Manager at SoFi.

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  • Design Thinking
  • Team Management
  • System Design
  • UX Research + Design
  • Interaction Design (UI)
  • Product Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Collaborative Process
  • Identity + Brand System Design
  • Winner, Graphic Design USA Award, 2020

    Winner, WebAward Outstanding Achievement, 2020

    Winner, Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts W3, 2019

    Selected, Ad Age Best Places to Work, 2020

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    Recent Work: Happy Cog

    Design Systems for Products and Brands

    As Design Director at Vector Media Group (we’d eventually grow to acquire Happy Cog and rebrand) my role had two sides: designing for user experience and leading a small team of talented designers. During my tenure, we had transformed almost everything about how we work: new processes in place, a growing team, and a handful of great success stories.

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    Case Study

    Content Strategy and Modular Design

    Tasked with building a new website for a company of 18,000 employees and countless network partners spread around the world, we designed both a content strategy and a system of modular components. Our approach can be used by contributors to create an infinite number of combinations of templates while keeping the brand in tact and information organized. The success of this project led to furhter work designing tools for our client's internal teams.

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    Case Study

    Building Consensus Across Teams

    At the most presitigious law firm in Silicon Valley, a designer's voice is far from the loudest in the room. How might we rebrand in a way that speaks the visual language of the region while retaining the historical stature demanded by the senior partners? How might we inspire the minds of the world's most innovative people? More importantly, how might we get hundreds of stakeholders to welcome our new direction?

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    Case Study

    Product Design and Branding of a Luxury Fashion Startup

    A group of founders came to us with their idea for a subscription-based service allowing users to borrow and lend luxury handbags, jewelry and accessories via their mobile device. We were tasked with designing a brand identity for the new company and buidling the app that would build growth, facilitate the service and be the touchpoint for the company and its members.

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